Change From A Flat To Pitch Roof In Sefton

Flat to pitch roof in SeftonWe recently carried out a conversion from a flat to pitch roof in Sefton, for a commercial office building that had been experiencing water ingress problems. Because they had people working on the site, convenience was one of their key concerns. They were looking for roofing professionals who could carry out the roof conversion whilst causing minimal disruption to the daily business routine. That was one of the reasons they chose Rainhill Roofing for the project. We have a wealth of experience, and are one of the North West’s pitched roof experts.

The Sefton flat to pitch roof conversion was carried out at times that suited the client, and allowed their business to run as usual, so they didn’t incur the extra costs of having to turn customers away. The new pitched roof system was constructed in place, and applied using a tough yet lightweight framework that is constructed over the top of the existing flat roof. This means that no demolition is required, and ensures that it’s a perfect solution for both commercial and domestic roofing. If you’ve been suffering the problems that often come from flat roofing, especially if its been in place for a number of years, then a flat to pitch conversion is the perfect solution.

After you’ve changed from a flat to pitch roof in Sefton, you’ll notice a huge change. You won’t have to worry about leaks coming in, or damp patches forming on the roof. The building will feel warmer and more comfortable. It can even increase the energy efficiency of a building, and lead to lower heating bills. That’s something that’s becoming increasingly important. Pitched roofs look great as well, and provide an eye catching and contemporary appearance, especially when used on commercial or industrial units. Don’t keep patching up your flat roof, you’re only putting the problem off to another day. Call our friendly team today, and find out how easy and cost-effective it can be to have a new pitched roof constructed.

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