Quality Roof Tiles in Burtonwood

Quality Roof Tiles in BurtonwoodThe highest quality roof tiles in Burtonwood is the slate tiles we prefer at Rainhill Roofing. In fact, slate tile roofing is the longest lasting roof you can get. The joke about slate roofs is when the man calls the roofer because his 100-year-old slate roof is leaking. After a roof inspection the roofer informs the man that after 100 years, the slates on his roof are fine; it’s the timbers underneath that have given way. We think there may be truth in the joke. But it shouldn’t be surprising because slate is made from rock and rock lasts forever. Slate is taken from the ground in slabs from which thin tiles are carved. With the proper underlayment and professional overlapping roofing techniques for total waterproofing, a slate roof will last 150 years.

Since slate is rock and thin, hairline fractures may go unnoticed and a tile may break off requiring a repair. For our roofers working in Burtonwood, much of our slate roof work is repair of old slate roofs. We can usually match the existing slate and it helps if we can find out where the original slate was quarried. The colour indicates where the slate is quarried. Working on a slate roof requires a light step because walking on it can cause slate to chip and crack. For our team at Rainhill Roofers, repairs and re-roofing with our quality slate is an art form. Not every roofer has experience with slate roofs since fewer homes request new roofs from slate. Two hundred years ago it was all the rage.

Quality roof tiles in Burtonwood plus our experienced team and conscientious customer service makes us the leading roofing company in the area. Our service and experience extends to all kinds of roofs including pitched and flat; replaced or repaired. Contact Rainhill Roofing if you need a roof inspection for repair or replacement. Remember the fascia, soffit and gutters are part of the roofing system. We include that new or repair work in our services as well as chimney flashings. Likely your slate roof has outlasted guttering systems. However, with the finest of UPVc maintenance free materials we use today, the gutters might give the slate a run for the money.

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