Time for your Garage Roof Replacement in Warrington?

3With recent storms throughout the United Kingdom, it is good to know that Rainhill Roofing is available to provide professional garage roof replacement in Warrington. Maintaining the roof over your head in proper working order is critical when Great Britain in in the storm-riddled winter. Recently, we at Rainhill Roofing were asked a question that surprised us. When we were asked about “layers” of asphalt shingles, we were surprised.

This question came as we evaluated a damaged roof in Warrington. This home had been hit by a falling tree in Warrington requiring both garage roof replacement and a new garage door. Because the roof currently had three layers of shingles, the homeowner was very upset. She mistakenly believed she would need to replace the full three layers of old shingles resulting in costs three times the estimate she was given. You can imagine her relief to learn she would only require a single layer of shingles for her roof replacement. Many older homes have received new shingles multiple times over the years as individual shingles began to fail. As a cost-saving measure, some roofers simply lay the new shingles on top of the existing older shingles, providing double and sometimes triples layers of shingles. This can be dangerous because the roof grows very heavy from the additional weight; in no way should double or triple layers be provided when receiving a brand new roof.

You might be surprised at how easy and economical roof replacement can be. Maintaining the roof over your family’s head is vital. A new roof will ensure the safety of your home’s contents while preserving the value and integrity of your home. A new garage roof will keep your expensive car protected. If you have been putting off garage roof replacement in Warrington, please contact Rainhill Roofing for an evaluation.



*Photo by mikecogh via Compfight cc
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