Are you looking for a Roofing Service in Widnes?

Roofing Service in WidnesA single mother was recently looking for a roofing service in Widnes. Fortunately for her, she was referred to us at Rainhill Roofing. We are a family run business and, while the company was established 15 years ago, we have more than 30 years roofing experience in our team. Over the years we have built a reputation for excellence.

The young woman in question, let’s call her Anne, had a problem with the roof of her bungalow: it had started to leak badly in several places during the recent very wet weather. The leaks were worst in the two bedrooms but there were problems in the kitchen and with the guttering outside the bathroom too. As Anne lives in Widnes, looking for a roofing service was easier than it might have been elsewhere. She was told about us and visited our website. Once there she discovered that we offer a range of roof repairs, re-roofing and maintenance and cleaning services. Anne called us in and we provided an assessment and a no obligation quote. She decided to go ahead with the work which involved repairs to the roof in two places and replacement of a section of guttering which was badly worn and leaking. We carried out the roof repairs, replaced the damaged guttering with a section that matched the guttering already on the house and cleaned the fascia board that had become very dirty as a result of the guttering problem.

So, if you have any kind of problems with your roof and you too are looking for a roofing service  in Widnes call us and our experienced and friendly staff will assess the situation and provide you with a free, no obligation quote. Call Rainhill Roofing today!

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