Fascias and Soffits in Liverpool

Fascias and Soffits in LiverpoolLooking for a firm that can undertake work on your fascias and soffits in Liverpool? A reliable and experienced roofing services company is the one you need. However, it’s useful to know a few technical and architectural facts about these two terms “fascias” and “soffits” beforehand. Fascia is a frieze or band that runs just below the roof edge, sometimes forming the outer edge of a cornice. It may be plain or decorative. The soffit is the eave or flat surface that lies below the fascia. Apart from giving the roof a neat and finished look, they could also serve practical purposes like providing support to rain-gutters etc. Though traditionally these fascias and soffits were made from timber, today they are available in other materials like PVC in a variety of colors, designs and finishes. You can replace your old, worn-out or rotting timber fascias and soffits with one of the new PVC ones which are durable, tough and good-looking.

In Liverpool fascias and soffits in older homes and commercial buildings would have suffered enormous damage due to aging, damp, exposure to severe weather conditions and salt in the atmosphere. It’s important that building owners get them restored, replaced or repaired to prevent them from causing danger to life and property in case they collapse. Many good firms provide technical advice, design ideas and employ qualified engineers, civil contractors and architects to enable building owners to install new fascias and soffits. Fascia boards available today are thick enough to be fastened directly to the roof rafters by screws or nails, and they are quite quick and easy to install. Add-on products like soffits, capping boards, joints, vents and combs can be purchased along with the fascia boards. Another great product seen at roofing supply companies is the poly-top nails and pins which are available to match the design and colour of the fascia/soffits.

Firms like Rainhill Roofing Services can undertake a wide range of roofing works, including work on fascias and soffits in Liverpool. Ensure that you contract a well-established firm that employs professionally trained staff who are insured, licensed and qualified. If you require more information about fascias and soffits, contact Rainhill Roofing.

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