Need Quality Roof Slates in Whiston?

Need Quality Roof Slates in WhistonDo you need quality roof slates in Whiston to replace worn, broken or missing slates? Or is it time for a home makeover? If you replacing your roof completely, to give your home a much needed fresh new look, don’t hesitate to contact the roofing experts at Rainhill Roofing Services.

The thing to remember about slate roofing tiles is that proper installation is vital. If you have your heart set on slate, choose a professional and experienced roofer because a a poorly installed slate roof is a lot like having no roof at all. In Whiston, if you need quality roof slates or installation, contact Rainhill Roofing Services. A properly installed slate roof will last a century or more, and is worth every penny. In fact, a slate roof’s longevity is one of its main attractions — imagine a roof that will last more than one hundred years when average roofing systems will need repair or replacing in a quarter of that time. So, besides help with proper installation, you may need professional assistance when it comes to calculating whether or not your building can actually hold up a slate roof. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can just go ahead and slap slate roof tiles onto any rafters — the weight of slate roofing tiles can be up to 50kg per square metre. Slate is heavy. Before you start, make sure the roof structure can bear the weight.

You might need quality roof slates in Whiston to replace those broken in a storm. Find them at Rainhill Roofing Services. Lots of people have made a conscious choice to go with slate roof tiles. Not only are they more fire resistant than other roof coverings, they are environmentally friendly, mainly because they do not need to be replaced often, and so doesn’t contribute to the roofing waste finding its way to our landfill sites each year.


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