Do You Need Roof Slates in Sefton?

Do You Need Roof Slates in SeftonDo you need roof slates in Sefton? If you are finding your roof on your lawn, then the answer is yes. However, Rainhill Roofing can tell you whether you need roof slates replaced on a section of roofing or whether a whole new roof is required. Slate roofs last over 100 years when properly installed. That is why you need us at Rainhill Roofing. Slate roofs are difficult to work with and install. They require a level of expertise that many roofing companies do not possess. Our roofing installers are highly competent and experienced. We know the techniques to installing slate roofs so they last according to their reputation. If the slates you pick up from the ground are solid and not damp, then your roofing problem could be poor installation and not worn slates.

Slate roofs are durable and they are also beautiful, which is why so many homeowners choose them. Rainhill Roofing can inspect your roof and answer the question in Sefton; do you need roof slates? We will estimate the number of damaged tiles by section. If all sections of the roof show damage then the slates are likely old and all of them need to be replaced. But if only a small percentage of slates are damaged in one section, then we can repair that section by replacing the slates. Slate roofs are so durable and last so long that homeowners do not always know how old the roof is. It was fine when they moved in 20 years ago and they’ve had no problems until now.

Part of our survey to determine if you do need roof slates in Sefton is to examine your attic space for any signs of leaking. Leaks could be caused by poor installation if we find the slates themselves are undamaged. You will still need roof repairs but the slates could be reused. Contact Rainhill Roofing and let us do a roof inspection and find out the condition of your slates. We will tell you what percentage, if any, of the slates are damaged and how much of the roof needs replacement slates. We can give you a no obligation quote for the amount of work that needs to be done. Damaged tiles and sections will be shown to you so you can see for yourself if new slates are needed.

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