Affordable, Reliable Roofing Company in St Helens

Roofing Company in St HelensYou should not have to hope your roofing company in St Helens does a good job or wonder if you’re paying too much. When you hire someone else to do work that you can’t see and have never performed yourself you are putting a lot of trust in whomever you hire. You need a way to know what company is worthy of that trust. So you ask around and get names. Usually the one recommended the most is the one that’s been doing business in the area the longest. You check them out online and there are no bad reviews. You want full service and you notice that some roofers specialise in flat roofs or only do roof repairs. Others do pitched roofs only. As a customer, don’t you feel such companies are limited in the experience and capabilities?

You want to find one roofer capable of doing it all. Your line of inquiries will lead you to us in St Helens; our roofing company gets the tick for an honest, long established, full service roofing company. Most of our business is referrals from loyal customers. We don’t specialise in one area; we do it all well. Full service means the whole roofing system including guttering and lead work. We have the manpower and equipment to complete roofing installations and repairs for homes, office buildings, warehouses, commercial buildings and more. We’re a local company and we work locally in and around Bootle, Newton Le Willows, Southport, St Helens, Warrington, Widnes or Wigan.

At Rainhill Roofing, we’re proud to be referred to as the number one roofing company in St Helens and the surrounding area. Customer service and satisfaction is our priority. After all, we work local and we have to please the customer because the word will spread if we don’t. Contact Rainhill Roofing for all your roofing needs. There is no charge for quotes on roof work. You can also call us for an inspection of your roof because as we mentioned before, you can’t see it. So if you want confirmation your roof is in good shape we’ll conduct a thorough inspection. That’s the best way to find minor repairs before they become major and costly.

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