Roofing Repair Service in Crosby Comes to the Aid of a Business

Roofing repair service in CrosbyOur roofing repair service in Crosby offers a range of services. However, it’s not often that we are called on to use our more than 30 years experience in such as range of ways at a single location. Rainhill Roofing was called in to assist a business owner recently who discovered there is something worse than having a large, unsightly dead tree in your car park: having a large, dead tree falling on the roof of the main building!

In Crosby, a roofing repair service from our company means that regardless of the nature of the damage to a roof, we can repair it. The tree that had fallen on this office building had certainly left its mark. It had hit the building at an angle, near a corner, and then fallen further, damaging the east side of the structure. By the time we were called in, the client had already had a construction company in to repair the masonry damage. We needed to re-roof a section of the roof that had been removed due to the severity of the damage. Around this new section of roof it was necessary to do further repairs on an additional and extensive area. This included replacing broken slating. Fortunately, matching the slate on the rest of the roof was not difficult. In addition, the tree had torn off fascia boards and gutters. Again, the repairs were carried out by using materials and designs that were the same as the fascia and gutters elsewhere. By the time our team had completed the job, it was fairly difficult to see where the damage had been.

So, if you need a roofing repair service in Crosby because your roof was damaged or to deal with roofing problems linked to wear and tear, call us today and we will be happy to provide you with information and a free, no obligation quote! Find out more on our website.

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