Roofing Specialist in Formby Explains What a “Soffit” Is

roofing specialist in FormbyAs a foremost roofing specialist in Formby, we at Rainhill roofing don’t only carry out a wide range of roof work and repairs; we also provide information to customers on a regular basis. Sometimes the questions surprise us because, with our decades of experience, we are so familiar with terms we forget that not everybody is. We were reminded of this last month when a gentleman asked, “What is a soffit?”

Here in Formby, a roofing specialist like us obviously only thinks of soffits in a roofing context, although the terms has various meanings. In roofing, a soffit is used in the section between the exterior wall of a house or building to the outer edge of the roof. In other words, it is placed in the underside of the overhanging section of a roof eave and so bridges the gap between the structure’s siding and the roofline. We fit or install soffits by attaching them, using either nails or screws, to the rafters known as lookout rafters which are the beams that form part of the roof structure and extend beyond exterior walls, on the underside of the eaves. The soffit, once in place, will run out from the wall to the fascia. The width of a soffit will of course vary, depending on the construction of both the building and the roof. They can be as narrow as a few inches or as wide as several feet. They give the exterior of the house a much neater appearance and prevent birds from nesting in eaves which can lead to problems.

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