Leading Roofers in West Derby

Roofers in West DerbyAs leading roofers in West Derby, we at Rainhill Roofing have become accustomed to supplying information along with the roofing services we have been providing for the last 15 years. Our reputation for reliability and excellence is based as much on our provision of accurate information and advice in the customer’s best interests as it is for our high-quality and guaranteed work.

In West Derby, roofers such as ourselves are often called upon to work on chimney cowls, and several of the enquiries we receive have to do with what they are, how they work and what types are available. A cowl is a hood-shaped covering for a chimney that is usually made of galvanized iron and prevents backflow or down-draughts – smoke blowing back and into a room – and rain going down the chimney. Ordinarily smoke will rise up the chimney flue and then disperse into the air. However, if the wind is strong the flow in the flue can be reversed resulting in smoky, dirty air going into the room. A cowl prevents this backflow, even of the windiest day. There are three types of cowl. The first is the fixed cowl which is popular with many homeowners. The rotating cowl is often recommended for installations in properties with roofs that are timber or thatched. Finally, there is the turbo cowl which is a good option if a property is in a location that is subjected to very severe winds. Of course, there are some customers who select a cowl based on how it looks or, if it is to replace an existing cowl, a customer may choose one that matches the one they have loved all these years best.

So, if you need roofers in West Derby for repairs, advice or information on anything to do with roofing and roofs, call us at Rainhill Roofing today! Our knowledgeable staff members will be most happy to assist you. Find out more on our website.

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