Ask Roofers in Waterloo How Long Roofing Lasts

RaftersReliable roofers in Waterloo will plainly tell you that roofing is not meant to last forever. They are right. Roofing is meant to be durable and last the longest time but there is no guarantee that it will last for always. There are many roofing materials and styles and all come with advantages and disadvantages. Some roofing has stood in perfect shape and quality for over a hundred years but all this depends on the type of roofing materials used. However, every type of roofing should last for a minimum of fifteen years. There are various factors that determine the longevity of your roofing, which are; geography, roofing quality and roofing type. Extreme weathers such as high winds, heavy rainstorms and hail can have a negative impact on your roofing and reduce its longevity. Hence it is very important to inspect your roof for damage after extreme weather, or if you live in a harsh climate.

In Waterloo, roofers aim to keep roofing in good shape for a very long time because they understand just what an important part of a home it is. To do this, roofers have to ensure that the roofing type used fits the building structure. Different types of roofs like tile roofs, slate roofs, metal roofs, asphalt roofs, wood shingle and shake roofs require an appropriate building structure to perform at peak levels. All these roof types react differently to different weather and environmental conditions. For instance, a shingle roof lifespan can be less in areas affected by humidity and high heat. If exhaust or intake ventilation is not installed properly, the shingle life will be badly affected. Roofing is a very important part of the building, as it protects both the house structure and the dwellers therein.

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