Flat to Pitch Roof Specialist in Garston

flat to pitch roof specialist in GarstonWe were recently contacted by a customer who was looking for a flat to pitch roof specialist in Garston. Their present flat roof had been on the property since before they moved in and was looking worse for wear. With another winter on the way, they knew that they needed a roof that they could rely on, but they were working to a tight budget. That’s why they contacted Rainhill Roofing. We believe in solutions, not problems and have a wealth of experience in providing high quality roofing services across Lancashire and Merseyside.

By choosing the services of our Garston flat to pitch roof specialist, the customer was able to transform the exterior of their outbuilding. Roof lines naturally catch the eye, so it’s important to make sure that they create a good first impression. Old flat roofing can be made from felt or a rubber like material, but over time they can become perished, torn and unsightly. As they allow water to collect on them, they create the perfect conditions for moss and algae to thrive. If your roof has mass and algae across it, it not only looks awful, it could be attacking the roofing material and joists. This compromises the whole structural integrity of the roof and isn’t something to be taken lightly.

Our flat to pitch roof specialist in Garston has the perfect answer that gives you peace of mind as well as a stylish new roof. Pitched roofs are much more suitable to our wet and unpredictable climate than flat roofs, because the water simply slides off. We use high quality roofing materials that will remain in great condition for year after year, whatever weather conditions attack it. Whether it’s for a house, garage, or commercial building, the roof is the most important component. Don’t run the risk of leaks or structural damage; call our team of expert roofers today. A pitched roof conversion can cost much less than you think and is available for roofs of all shapes and sizes. Contact Rainhill Roofing today.

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