Pitched Roof Repair for Southport Homes

Pitched Roof Repair for Southport HomesThere is always a need for pitched roof repairs in Southport homes considering the very nature of the roof and the installation and repair process. Many of the problems that plague pitched roofs come from the way they have been installed. Due to the difficulty of providing adequate structural support, installations may have gross errors in the form of undersized members that cannot bear the weight load. While this may not be apparent early on, as the roof gets older, wear and tear makes it more apparent. The other challenge comes from any repairs that may have been carried out on the roof. For example, a pitched roof that originally had slate tiles on it may have been repaired with concrete, but that changes the weight dimension, which results in more problems.

In Southport, pitched roof repairs can also lead to problems if not carried out by an expert roofer. In slate roofs there is the possibility of causing a lot more damage in repairing one or a few slates that might have been damaged. This is because a lot more good slates have to be removed from around the damaged one to carry out the repair, which can affect the integrity of the slate tile pattern. Older roofs will always have to face the challenge that comes from using non-galvanised nails for the roofing process. This is because galvanised roofs are a lot newer to the industry as compared to pitched roofs. As a result, replacing the entire system is the only way to overcome corroded roof nails, also called nail sickness.

The smallest problem you are like to require pitched roof repairs in Southport homes for is the bitumen coating on the roof. This is a coating of a thin layer of bitumen that is often added as a form of weatherproofing coat. It prevents seepage of water but over time, this layer can get degraded, leading to more leaks than there should be. Bringing in a trained professional like Rainhill Roofing can really make a difference to the way your pitched roof’s integrity can be reinstated. For a free inspection of the problem and a free quote, give us a call so that we can come in and bring our expertise to the table, offering you the best pitched roof repair service you can rely on for your home’s roof repairs. Call Rainhill Roofing and have your roof repaired today.

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