New Roof Flashing in St. Helens

flashingIf you need new roof flashing in St. Helens, be sure to call Rainhill Roofing, they do the job right the first time, and at a great price. These are the kind of words of another happy customer that are music to our ears. We recently finished up project for this customer under a tight deadline. To start at the beginning, after a recent storm, we received a frantic call from a local resident complaining of a leak. This wasn’t just a little leak either, water was literally running down an interior wall of our customer’s home. Under any circumstances this would be troublesome, but in this case our client had a party scheduled to take place in the home within a week. With stormy weather forecast for the coming week, this needed to be taken care of immediately.

Upon receiving the call, we sent one of our professional staff out to assess the situation. He was able to pinpoint the problem to damaged flashing surrounding the chimney. As with many older homes in St. Helens, the roof flashing had lost its integrity and was no longer able to seal out damaging leaks. Lucky for her we live by the words “We don’t believe in problems… we believe in solutions.” Within a day of our initial appointment, we had developed a plan to fix the offending flashing and stop any further damage.

Due to our quick work, and our client’s excellent choice in roofing contractors, the damage was repaired quickly, and the party was able to take place as scheduled with no interference from the weather. The client was so pleased with Rainhill Roofing Services they have recommended Rainhill Roofing to friends needing new roof flashing in St Helens. “If you are in need of roof flashing in St. Helens, the choice is simple” she said to them. For a free quote call us today at 0151 289 7869 or visit our website for more information.

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