Pitched Roof Repair Service in Garston

Pitched roof repair service in GarstonWe recently finished a job for a customer who needed a pitched roof repair service in Garston. Their roof had been in place for many years, and over time the slates has begun to chip and become damaged, and the underlay was starting to decay. Eventually the inevitable happened, and the wear and tear meant that water was now ingressing into their home. That’s when they called Rainhill Roofing. We provide complete roofing solutions for clients across Merseyside and beyond, from inspections and repairs, to lead work and roof replacement.

Our Garston pitched roof repair service is becoming increasingly called upon, and it’s not just because of wear and tear and the march of time. The weather in the North West is becoming more extreme every year, as we get battered by storms and weather systems that cross the Atlantic. Your roof is there to protect you and your home from the elements, but it’s under attack from high winds, heavy rainfall and extremes of temperature. An overnight storm can lift and remove roof tiles, and affect the structural integrity of your roof as a whole. Have you noticed a black or grey patch on your ceiling? That’s a warning sign of water damage, and shows that your roof is in need of repair. Don’t put buckets in place to catch the drips, call your local roof repair specialists.

You’ll get peace of mind at a great price, when you use our pitched roof repairs service in Garston. Our team of roofers are highly experienced and fully insured, and they always put health and safety first. No job is too big or too small, and we can usually fix roofing problems there and then. We replace cracked tiles and slates, repair torn roofing felt, fix shingles, and install new wooden beams. Whatever your roof needs, you can be sure that we can supply it, and we pride ourselves on providing a fast response to emergency roofing call-outs. Swift repairs today can remove the need for costlier replacement tomorrow, so don’t delay, phone us today.

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