Pitched Roof Repairs in Crosby

Pitched Roof Repairs in CrosbyWe recently had an inquiry about pitched roof repairs in Crosby as a homeowner was worried because after the last storm he found many clay roof tiles scattered about on the ground around his home. He said the roof is 20 years old and he was hoping to get more years from it before replacement. We agreed that he might avoid a total replacement by retiling the damaged area. Then again, if the original roofing work was shoddy and the damage is extensive then replacement would be necessary. We agreed to do a full roof inspection to assess the damage and prepare a quote on repairs or replacement.

In Crosby, pitched roof repair costs depend on several factors. Our Rainhill Roofing team inspected the clay tiles on the roof. We found about 10% were missing or broken. We inspected the soffits, and bargeboard for rot and warping. That part was in good shape and the gutters were still straight. We checked the membrane where the tiles were missing and knew we would need some patchwork there. We went in the attic to check the roof joists. No signs of water seepage or rot showed up anywhere. Our conclusion was this pitched roof was repairable. We would repair the slight damage to the membrane and replace the missing tiles with matching clay tiles.

We presented our proposal to the client for the pitched roof repairs in Crosby. It included our inspection report and the total cost for repairs. The customer’s reaction took us by surprise as he expected us to tell him he needed a whole roof replacement. Rainhill Roofing bears the Trust Mark for government guaranteed standards because we operate an honest and fair priced business staffed with professionals. We base our reputation for excellent customer service on respect for each customer. Contact Rainhill Roofing for information regarding pitched roof repairs.

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