Quality Roof Slates in Sefton

Quality Roof Slates in SeftonWhen a new roof is being installed you expect the roofing company to use quality roof slates in Sefton on your house. When you hire Rainhill Roofing for the installation of your new roof, you can be confident that you will have all the information available about the slates being used. There is a wide range of colour combinations from which to choose and we can help you select the colour that best fits the style of your home. The roof slates we select from must meet certain criteria. Besides availability in an array of colours, tiles also may be chosen from a selection of size and thickness which translates into the correct amount of weight for your home. Slate roofs are durable, lasting up to 150 years.  A slate roof is a fireproof roof.

A slate roof is an environmentally responsible roof.  When used in Sefton, quality roof slates that last 100 years are not filling up landfills like asphalt shingles that are replaced every 20 years. Of course even slate has to be professionally and conscientiously installed to achieve such longevity. Rainhill Roofing is an established and respected name in this area for professionalism and customer satisfaction. The beauty of hiring local is that our people live in the same area as you. We know we’re going to encounter you at school events, the bank or grocery. If we don’t do the job right we won’t last in the business because word gets around.

The installation of quality roof slates in Sefton is more labour intensive than other roofing materials. The skill level required to work with slate is not found in every roofing company. That is why you want to call us at Rainhill Roofing when considering a slate roof. We know the quality products and we have the skill and experience. Rainhill Roofing is the leading roofing company in this area for all types of roofs both domestic and commercial. You will find our knowledge extensive, our prices competitive and our customer service friendly and respectful. Word does get around about the best companies to do business with. At Rainhill Roofing we are proud of the talk about us.

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