Quality Roof Tiles in Bold Heath

Quality Roof Tiles in Bold HeathWe supply quality roof tiles in Bold Heath for all types of pitched roofs. If you have a leak in your roof, then call us as soon as possible, as the longer it is left the more damage can be done to the roof timbers and the ceiling. We will find the part of the roof responsible and replace the tiles that are faulty. This will probably necessitate replacing some of the tiles but we have top quality tiles available. The colour match may not be absolutely perfect as the old tiles will have faded in the sun but we will find the closest match possible.

When your roof needs attention in Bold Heath, quality roof tiles are very important.  Inferior tiles can crack and chip leading to leaks so we make sure our tiles are of the highest standard. There will be some occasions when a roof is so badly damaged that a new roof is necessary. We are specialists in fitting new roofs. Some of the timber may be able to be saved while the rest will have to be replaced. Once the frame is secure we can start to fit the new tiles. Our tiles and slates are of the highest quality and are guaranteed to last many years. We only stock the best so that we can be sure of supplying you with a durable and long lasting roof.

We are roofing specialists and can supply quality roof tiles in Bold Heath. Why not contact Rainhill Roofing today and see how we can help keep your home leak free? We have many years of experience in all types of roofs including the notoriously difficult flat roof. This is a wonderful roof if correctly erected and we are expert in making sure there is a slight pitch so that the water can run off. We also take great care to ensure it is waterproof and have come to the rescue of many who needed their flat roof properly sealed.

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