Guttering Repairs in Prescot

Guttering Repairs in PrescotRainhill Roofing undertakes guttering repairs in Prescot as part of our roofing service. Gutters are part of the roofing system so you can put a new roof on but if the gutters are damaged, you will have problems. That’s the same as putting gutters on a house after the roof is falling in. They are interdependent. So take a look at your gutters. Are the extenders smashed flat from kids stepping on them? Has your terrier pulled down half the downspout to get at the chipmunk inside? Have you seen homes with maple trees?  The seed pods fly by the buckets and your guttering becomes a tree nursery with little sprouts all across. It looks like a roof garden. All these obstacles stop the free flow of water from your roof creating risk of leaks.

The guttering extenders, downspouts and gutter gardens are easily fixed with replacement parts or a good gutter cleaning. For damaged and clogged gutters in Prescot, guttering repairs and cleaning are part of our service.  You may notice your guttering is sagging here and there. That detracts from the appearance of your house. We can realign guttering  and replace missing hangers or add more if the original installer skimped. Soffits and fascias  stained from leaves and missing box ends are easy fixes. You will be surprised how much difference inexpensive repairs can make to your homes appearance. Gutters that work efficiently can save you a lot of money on roof repairs and replacements.

Maybe it’s too late for guttering repairs in Prescot because so much is damaged or missing. How about those old metal gutters that homeowners used to take down and paint because they rusted? If you have seriously deteriorated guttering that needs a full  replacement we can do the job using durable and maintenance free UPVC guttering material. You still have to clean the muck out of them in the autumn and keep the extenders flowing. Hose the dirt off them once a year. That’s it though; these gutters will last 20 years and still look like new. Contact Rainhill Roofing and we will be glad to prepare a free estimate for you. When it’s time to clean your guttering, stay off the ladder and roof. We have the safety equipment to clean them for you and we are fully insured.

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