Roofing Company in Warrington

Roofing Company in WarringtonIt’s not difficult to find a roofing company in Warrington. However, if you want experienced roofers capable of undertaking any roof repair or replacement with a history of customer satisfaction call us at Rainhill Roofing. It’s not uncommon to find a roofing company headed up by an owner with roofing experience. Too often he’s the only one with any experience. The workers that actually repair or replace your roof may be day labourers with little or no experience. At Rainhill Roofing we are a Trust Mark company with a team of roofers experienced in all aspects of roofing. We are not limited to just flat or just pitched roofs and we serve both domestic and commercial clients.

When you have too many layers of roofing and it’s time for a complete tear off and roof replacement, everyone on your roof will be skilled and experienced. In Warrington, roofing company Rainhill Roofing will perform a thorough inspection of your roof before making any recommendations along with the cost to implement those recommendations. You may think you need a new roof when a competent repair will extend the life of your old roof another five years. We’ll tell you the truth. Sometimes a customer is anticipating a simple repair but we find replacement is necessary. We won’t lie to you and our judgement is sound. If you just need new gutters to protect your roof, we install high quality UPVc guttering that will last for decades.

Honesty and dependability are hallmarks of our roofing company in Warrington. Well maintained guttering, soffits, fascia and chimney all contribute to the lifespan of your roof. Poorly maintained, they contribute to leaky roofs and deterioration. That’s why we recommend a roof inspection once a year and after severe storms. If you need us in an emergency because a tree branch has penetrated your roof during a storm, we’ll be there to secure the opening and make repairs. Contact Rainhill Roofing for a professionally operated comprehensive roofing contractor. We guarantee customer satisfaction and competitive pricing. You only need one roofing company for any roofing need with any type of roof.

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