Roofing Company in Prescot

Roofing Company in PrescotIf you are looking for a local roofing company in Prescot, Rainhill Roofing is highly regarded. We specialise in flat and pitched new roofs, roof repairs, fascia and soffits, chimney work and more. We are also here for you in an emergency if your roof has been damaged and needs immediate protection. We’ll be there to secure the damage so there’s no leaks into your home and when it’s safe, we’ll make solid repairs that will last.  Sometimes roof shingles break loose due to storms. When you start finding shingles on the ground around your house, call us. Missing shingles can lead to leaks so we need to replace them quickly and check the rest of the roof at the same time for other loose shingles.

Being a local company lends credibility to our workmanship, customer service and fair pricing. In Prescot, roofing company could not perform poorly or everybody would know about it in a very short time. Not long after that, we’d be out of business. As it stands, we are a Trust Mark company and the leading roofing company in Rainhill, Prescot and the surrounding area. We specialise in both domestic and commercial roofing with a full range of roofing services for both. Even if you just want a roof inspection to satisfy yourself that everything is secure and free of leaks or damage, we can accommodate you. It’s a good idea to do that every couple of years and after severely damaging storms.

Our roofing company in Prescot, Rainhill Roofing, believes that any type of roofing that keeps the water out is perfectly fine as long as it’s kept in good condition. We also believe that roof repairs can significantly extend the life of your roof and therefore replacement roofing can safely be delayed. Occasionally, we get a request to change a flat roof to a pitched roof. Now we can increase the pitch of a flat roof for better drainage. That is not as big an undertaking as replacing the flat roof with a fully pitched tile roof for aesthetic reasons. Both fall within our area of expertise. Contact Rainhill Roofing for a local roofing company that is full service. All estimates are free as is our advice and recommendations.

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