Flat Roof Enquiry in Garston

Flat Roof Enquiry in GarstonWe recently received a flat roof enquiry in Garston from a client who was concerned about the damage done to his roof during a recent storm. His roof had begun to leak and he wanted to know if we could assist him. As his roof is flat, he knew to check his roof routinely for damage, and repair any leaks. After the last storm, he decided he could no longer repair his roof himself and decided a new roof was the answer. That is why he contacted us for an estimate on a new roof.

In Garston, flat roof enquiry prompted us to pay this client’s home a visit to see the extent of the damage and how we could assist him. When we assessed his roof, we noticed that it had been damaged over the years by falling tree limbs. A flat roof is typically made of felt and bitumen and is not meant to withstand the damage caused by falling tree branches and debris. It is no wonder the client had to have it repaired as often over the years. We were happy to provide a free quotation for the installation of the new roof as we felt that the current roof had been repaired too many times to remain waterproof and sturdy.

For a flat roof enquiry in Garston, ring Rainhill Roofing. We have a wealth of knowledge and proven expertise in flat roof repairs and installation. Our professional roofers are on hand to carry out all work correctly and effectively to ensure the roof installation is complete in the shortest time possible. We are known as the number 1 roofing company in Rainhill and we aim to provide the best possible roofing service that will exceed your expectations. If you have a flat roof enquiry, contact Rainhill Roofing today.

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