Flat Roof Enquiry in Skelmersdale

Flat Roof Enquiry in SkelmersdaleWe at Rainhill Roofing received a flat roof enquiry in Skelmersdale. The gentleman was so frustrated about discovering a leak in the flat roof over his office area. Turns out it was not the first time that roof had leaked. In fact, he had to deal with leaking nearly every year. “Can anyone stop the leaks altogether?” That was his inquiry and his plea. Over the years he had put quite a lot of time, effort and money into his office area. It was just a corner of the warehouse with a window. He had converted it into an attractive and comfortable office space in the thick of his daily business activities. The large warehouse leaked in other work sections as well, causing damp boxes of stored product.

In Skelmersdale, a flat roof enquiry is frequent. Some will ask us about replacing their flat roof with a pitched one. Their belief is that maybe that is the only way to fix the problem once and for all. That is a pricey project and not really necessary. After all, if a flat roof is installed correctly, it should not leak for 30 years or more. Most flat roofs today are single-ply. That means there is one layer of membrane as a waterproof surface. Not all membranes are created equal. To be leak proof, the membrane used should be a minimum of 50 mils thick and preferably closer to 90 mils.

When you have a flat roof enquiry in Skelmersdale, call Rainhill Roofing. They have solutions to flat roof problems. An inspection may show that a new flat roof was installed over an old one. That is a bad idea because the timbers underneath are rotted causing leaks. Some flat roofs were installed to be truly flat. Flat roofs are still supposed to have a slope so water and debris run off. If you are having problems with leaks, call Rainhill Roofing. We know flat roofs and we can make any needed repairs. If there is no slope, we can add one. If there are leaks, we can repair them so they do not return as long as the roof membrane and underlayment are in good condition. Remember, maintenance is important. You need to keep the gutters clean and roof free of debris to prevent leaks. If you have a flat roof enquiry, contact Rainhill Roofing.

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