Professional Roofing Company in Bold Heath Offers a Wide Range of Services

Roofing Company in Bold Heath When you need a roofing company in Bold Heath, Rainhill Roofing can meet that need. We offer a full range of roofing services including repairs, re-roofing, lead work and more. We can also replace or repair guttering which is an important part of your roofing system. We include pitched and flat roofing and domestic and commercial roof systems. We are the premier roofing company in Rainhill and our focus is the nearby surrounding area. We are local so our customers have no problem getting references or referring us to their neighbours. Our company is built on the good will and satisfaction of our customers. Customers remember when you treat them fairly and with respect.

Sometimes you need a roofer in a hurry because of an unexpected leak. In Bold Heath, our roofing company will put forth all effort to get to you right away. If it’s storm damage, worn roofing failing during heavy rains or snows, we will take emergency action. Our first priority is to secure your roof before water can cause damage to the interior of your building or home. If we can’t make the actual repairs immediately, we will tarp and seal it until the weather allows us to make the repairs. We’ll evaluate the whole roof to be sure all other areas are water tight. Our rates are very competitive and we deal honestly with customers. We’re not going to fix what doesn’t need fixing.

As a roofing company in Bold Heath, we have some recommendations to keep your roof in good shape. Check your roof, gutters and chimney shroud from the ground. If you see loose tiles, damaged gutters or find bits of roofing material on the ground, call us. We’ll go up and find the cause of the damage and the extent. On flat roofs we’ll check for low spots and evaluate the pitch of the roof. Standing water will lead to leaks. It’s always a good idea to do an inspection after heavy storms. High winds can throw all manner of damaging objects at your roof. It won’t be anything we can’t handle. We’ll have your roof watertight again in a short time.

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