Experienced and Skilled Dry Verge Gaps Fitter in Huyton for Your Roof

Dry Verge Gaps Fitter in Huyton Talk to us about our dry verge gaps fitter in Huyton, among all other roofing services. The dry verge system is being used on new construction frequently. However, it can also be used during roof refurbishments and replacements. Why, you may wonder, should you care about this at all. Well, if you live in an older home where that inverted V is in the pitch of your roof, a verge is created. The verge has to be filled or covered so birds, insects and moisture can’t get in. The standard protocol has been to fill the gap with mortar. That solution still works but a dry verge system of fitted overlapping tiles works as well and looks much nicer. The real benefit however, is that it doesn’t require frequent maintenance as the mortar does.

Mortar deteriorates and breaks down from exposure to the elements. If your roofer is, in Huyton, dry verge gaps fitter experienced, you can avoid that maintenance. We are very familiar with this updated solution. Not surprisingly, many homeowners are unaware of the necessity to address the issue at all. The mortar breaks down gradually so damage caused by bird’s nests, beehives and water seepage may not be discovered until the damage is extensive. You may have watched the birds fly in and out of there or worse yet, the bees and it never registered with you that this is a problem; your problem. If you call us for a periodic roof safety check, that’s one of the things we will be checking for.

When you want a dry verge gaps fitter in Huyton, you should know, we are not all equal. There are roofing contractors out there who will claim experience with dry verge gaps. However, whether from lack of knowledge and experience or pure dishonesty, they won’t do the job right. The existing mortar has to be cleared out completely before installing the dry verge system. The tiles interlock and overlap when they are properly installed but we’ve seen some that overhung too far, creating a gap and some that were butted up against each other but not overlapped. Don’t take that chance. Contact Rainhill Roofing. We are long established and well respected local roofing experts. We’ll do the job right.

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