Need a Roofer in Rainford? Choose the Leading Professionals for Your Project

roofer in RainfordWhen you need a roofer in Rainford, Rainhill Roofing are the leading professionals in the area. Our list of roofing services is comprehensive and includes all roof types. Our customer base consists of both domestic and commercial clients who kindly refer us to their family, friends and associates. Our list of services includes replacement of both pitched and flat roofs, new shingles, repairs to all roof types, replacement of guttering, soffits and fascia with durable maintenance free UPVC products. Our skilled team also specialises in lead work whether on lead roofing, facades or chimney flashings. Ours is the one phone call for all of your roofing maintenance, repair and replacement. If you have an emergency, especially after a severe storm, call us at once so we can stop further damage.

How do you know if you need a roof replacement or repair? In Rainford, our roofer can assess your roof for damage on a regular maintenance schedule, after damaging storms or when you spot a leak. Clearly the regular maintenance schedule will help prolong the life of your roof. Any suspected weakness or damage on the roof, any part of the guttering and flashings should be repaired right away. Roofing inspections and repairs are not major expenses especially when compared to the cost of a whole new roof. However, if you prefer to do your own roof inspection you’ll need a checklist of things to look for and a pair of good binoculars. You want to do this inspection from the ground, maintaining your own safety.

Signs you may need a roofer in Rainford include tiles and shingles that are split, curled and blistered. If you see loose hanging shingles there’s a good chance you will also find shingles on the ground, especially after a storm. If you can see nails poking up, water can get through that opening. Flat roofs are safer to inspect. Standing water and cracks is the most important clue on flat roofs. Contact Rainhill Roofing if you see any signs that concern you regarding your roof. Or, schedule us to undertake a routine or emergency inspection of your roof. Don’t ignore sagging gutters or broken guttering. Poor drainage away from your roof is always a concern.

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