Looking For Lead Roofing in Kirby

looking for lead roofing in KirbyIf you are looking for lead roofing in Kirby look no further than Rainhill Roofing. You want Rainhill Roofing for your project because working with lead is a specialised skill that not all roofers possess. Our experienced roofers know the benefits of lead flashings where the roof and walls intersect and at angles and ridges. To protect your roof from leaks around chimneys and skylights lead is effective and durable. In fact lead roofs are so durable you will see them on some our country’s oldest structures. As lead roofs age, they develop a lovely patina that cannot be penetrated by moisture. Lead does not corrode therefore rain water runoff will not carry stains to other parts of the building structure like masonry. Lead roofing material is sold in sheets that are soft and easy to shape for a tight water proof shield.

You may not care for the look of an all lead roof on your residential or commercial building and to be fair there are many attractive alternatives. However, in Kirby, looking for lead roofing expertise from your roofing contractor is still important. You may prefer the use of lead at those critical junctures to form an impenetrable seal around chimneys and other roof seams. Perhaps you don’t need a new roof, just some repairs. If lead has been used for flashings by the original roofer then we have the expertise to make those repairs. Refurbishing the mortar of your chimney without disturbing the lead flashing or replacing lead that is embedded in old mortar is a project we at Rainhill Roofing are familiar with.

Whether you are looking for lead roofing in Kirby, flashing replacement and repair or a new shingle roof with lead clad copper flashings, contact Rainhill Roofing for a free evaluation and estimate. Ask around and you will find we are well known for quality work and fair prices. Our work and materials are guaranteed so no matter whether the roof is flat or pitched, tiled or shingled you can trust our dedication to superior service. If you happen to own a building with a lead roof that is several hundred years old it may be time for an inspection. For that, you definitely want our roofers at Rainhill Roofing.

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