Fascias and Soffits in Aigburth

Fascias and Sofffits in AigburthFascias and sofffits in Aigburth are necessary for a weather proof home. If there were no fascias and soffits the rain would blow into the roof space and make the rafters damp. It would also dampen the ceiling and will cause mould, mildew and fungi to grow inside the roof. This in turn causes the rafters to start rotting and the whole roof will become unsafe. To prevent excessive moisture in the roof fascias ad soffits are fitted. These may be made of wood, plastic or metal. The roof needs to exceed the walls of the building in order to keep water away from the walls and that leaves a gap between the walls and the edge of the roof. This is why fascias and soffits are necessary.

Every so often you will need to replace the boards under your house eaves. In Aigburth, fascias and soffits will stop you having to do this often. Depending on your preference of material there are a number of different shapes of fascias and soffits. Some are uniformly plain and give the building a neat and finished appearance. Some have a slight pattern which can be quite pretty. Whichever type you choose to have fitted the important objective is to keep the roof space weather proof. Dampness causes untold problems in a building that has broken or worn fascias and soffits. The dampness encourages the rafters to rot and moulds and fungi to grow. This is not only structurally dangerous but the spores from the mould and fungi can seriously affect the health of anyone working or living in the building.

Fascias and Sofffits in Aigburth are reasonably priced. Contact Rainhill Roofing today and we will offer you the best price for our quality fascias and soffits. You will need to change the fascias and soffits at some time so if they are looking worn it might be an opportunity to use a different material and ensure a longer life for the fascias and soffits.

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