Roof Repair in St Helens

Roof Repair in St HelensIt is good news to our customers when we tell them a roof repair in St Helens is all they need instead of a roof replacement. Rainhill Roofing is the leading roofing company in St Helens and the surrounding area. Our local company enjoys an excellent reputation and our loyal customers know our customer service is second to none. We specialise in both flat and pitched roof systems which include soffits, fascia and guttering systems. Comprehensive knowledge and experience in all areas of roofing is essential to provide professional service to customers. If we will repair your roof properly we need a total understanding of how the roof was constructed. Our services extend to commercial and domestic customers for any size job.

Rainhill Roofing offers emergency services for roof repairs. For those in St Helens, roof repair emergencies occur when your roof develops an unexpected leak, threatening your inventory and furnishings or compromising the building structure. We offer an annual roof inspection as well as inspections following damaging weather. Customers who schedule us for an annual inspection have found this service to be cost effective. Roof leaks can start anytime from various causes and may not be noticeable until damage is done to the interior of the building. That is a more costly repair than if we found a damaged section of roof and repaired it. When repairs are made right away, the life expectancy of your roof is extended indefinitely.

Surveys and timely roof repair in St Helens may delay the need for replacement past the usual life expectancy. If you notice dampness on a ceiling or wall contact Rainhill Roofing right away. Water has found a way through your roof and into the rafters of your homes. An immediate repair, which could involve removal of damaged timber will not only prevent further damage but also eliminate the moist conditions that destructive mould thrives on. Call us if you suspect a roof leak or as a precautionary measure. Our rates are fair and our quotes are free. Our company is fully insured so you bear no liability as we repair your roof. We are all safety minded and equipped with the best of safety equipment.

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