Quality Roof Tiles in Widnes

Quality Roof Tiles in WidnesYour worn and damaged roof can be replaced with quality roof tiles in Widnes from Rainhill Roofing. Perhaps only a section of your roof is damaged from flying debris during storms or falling tree branches. Once those tiles are damaged, water will eventually work its way through. Your first clue may be a water stain on the ceiling. From the time of damage until you see a leak could be a long time. To avoid unpleasant surprises like that walk around your home and do a ground survey of the roof. If you spot anything that looks like damage, call us and we’ll get the ladders out and have a closer look. We can remove and replace any damaged underlayment and match the new roof tiles to your existing tiles. Your roof is as good as new.

Do you find roof tiles on the ground after storms? Even though in Widnes, quality roof tiles were used to roof your home or building, that’s only half the job. The tiles may blow off because of shoddy workmanship. If the tiles are not overlapped correctly, incorrect or insufficient nails used or likely both, then no matter the quality of the tiles, they will not stay on the roof. If the underlayment is in good shape, we can replace some or all the tiles as necessary adding matching new ones as needed. Our roofing team has an excellent reputation for quality products and quality workmanship. If we skimped and cut corners we would have been out of business a long time ago.

At Rainhill Roofing we do more than replace quality roof tile in Widnes. Our expertise includes all types of roof repair including flat roofs and pitched. Our experience extends to commercial and domestic customers. Roofing repairs and replacements of any size is welcomed, so contact Rainhill Roofing for the small jobs and the big ones. A roof inspection is good preventative maintenance and extends the life of your roof by catching small damage before it gets worse. Call us with any roofing repair or replacement needs. We’re local so trust us to offer you the lowest prices. All estimates are free and references are available.

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