Roofer in Aigburth

Roofer in AigburthIf you need a reliable roofer in Aigburth we at Rainhill Roofing can assist. We are a family-run business and, while the company was established 15 years ago, we have more than 30 years roofing experience in our team. Over the years we have built a reputation for excellence. One of the many roofing services we provide was the subject of a recent enquiry we received: chimney repairs.

Here in Aigburth, a roofer like our company is often asked specific questions by our customers. One that we received recently was from a man who was thinking of purchasing a property that had fireplaces and two chimneys. He wanted to know what types of problems he might or would be likely to encounter with an older chimney and flue. One of the more common problems with chimneys from wood burning fires is that, over time, creosote deposits build up on the walls. In addition to reduced airflow up the flue which results in a less efficient hearth and even smoky interiors, there is a second and potentially dangerous consequence. Because creosote is combustible, these deposits can cause chimney fires. Brick chimneys are also vulnerable to wear and tear thanks to the weather. For instance, when moisture seeps into the bricks and then freezes it causes flaking and cracking of the brick and loosening of the mortar. Once this takes place the chimney stack is far more vulnerable to winds and collapse. There are also some birds and animals that nest in chimneys and can cause damage and blockages. The solution was to arrange for our team to inspect the chimney for structural soundness. If the sale went through this customer would need to call in a chimney sweep to clean out any creosote and animals and nests.

If you have a problem or question about a chimney that requires a roofer in Aigburth, contact us at Rainhill Roofing. We can provide you with an assessment or further information. Call us today and prevent serious or costly – even dangerous – issues arising!

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