From Flat Roof to Pitch Roof in Huyton

Flat roof to pitch roof in HuytonCustomers often ask us why they should change from a flat roof to pitch roof in Huyton or elsewhere in the North West? One of the common reasons that they ask, is that they’ve seen other people having it done, or have noticed old flat roofing disappear to be replaced by pristine new pitched roofing. Rainhill Roofing have the answer to this and any other roofing questions. We’re experts in roof repairs and inspections, new roof construction, and flat to pitched roof conversions. Once we’ve explained the benefits, it’s no surprise that so many choose to have it done on their property.

Huyton flat roof to pitch roof conversions provide a convenient solution to a growing problem. There are properties in Merseyside and beyond that still have flat roofs that have been in place for decades. Whether the flat roof is made of felt or a rubber material, they share the same inherent problem. Because the roof is flat, water just sits there. This puts pressure on the roofing material, and eventually it will crack or become porous. The home or the business will have dark patches spreading across the ceiling, or water dripping in. Our weather systems are becoming increasingly unpredictable, but we’ve all noticed how much rain we’ve suffered in recent years. This is putting flat roofs under more strain than ever before, and many of them can’t cope with it.

By changing from a flat roof to pitch roof in Huyton, you’re providing a permanent solution to the problem, rather than a short term answer such as flat roof patching. Pitch roofs encourage the water to glide off into the surrounding gutters, allowing it to be channelled away from the property itself. Our expert roofers have a wealth of experience in converting flat roofs into pitched roofs, and can even even carry out the job while life carries on as normal within the building itself. That makes it ideal for your home, or business, however small or large it is, and our pitched roofs look great as well. Call the roofing professionals today, and find out how we can help you.

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