Why Convert a Flat Roof to a Pitch Roof in Mossley Hill?

convert a flat roof to a pitch roof in Mosley Hill“Is changing a flat roof to pitch roof in Mossley Hill a good idea?” Rainhill Roofing frequently receives enquiries from customers about this. Most people with flat roofs are worried about the longevity of their roofs. Although better materials such as EPDM and TPO versus asphalt are now used in flat roof construction, the fact remains that the very nature of flat roofs is filled with many issues.

In Mossley Hill, flat roof to pitch roof conversion benefits is a frequently asked question. According to these expert roofers, when a flat roof is properly converted to a pitch roof it will evenly distribute the weight on all the bearing walls of the home’s structure. A pitch roof provides better insulation, and is cheaper to insulate than a flat roof. The threat of vapour drives don’t exist with pitched roofs because of their shape. The shape of a pitch roof allows you to create additional storage space or an extra room. One of the biggest advantages of a roof conversion is the savings. A pitched roof will last up to 40% longer than a flat roof. The membrane in a pitch roof has a shelf life of up to 50 years, whereas a flat roof’s membrane will last up to 20 years. Lastly, flat roof cost up to 20% more to install than a pitched roof. This is mainly because the membrane is costlier to manufacture and it requires specialised labour for installation.

If you are thinking about a converting your flat roof to a pitch roof in Mossley Hill, then contact the expert roofers in the business, Rainhill Roofing. Apart from roof conversions, they also specialise in roof slates, guttering, and lead work. For more immediate assistance, professional service and new roof for your home improvement contact Rainhill Roofing by phone or online now.

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