Do You Require Pointing Work in Waterloo?

pointing work in WaterlooIt is likely you require pointing work in Waterloo if you have a historic home. Historic homes are typically built of masonry wall and or bricks. Over time, you may have had some sort of masonry work done to the home. Most of the time, this masonry work detracts from the appearance and integrity of the entire home. For example, a home that has been completed re-pointed may look completely different, because the colour of the mortar, or the size of the mortar joints. The antique patina of an historic home disappears after repointing it. How can you maintain the “old” look of your historic home?

In Waterloo, pointing work is expertly carried out by Rainhill Roofing. When you hire Rainhill Roofing for the job, they will first make sure that the replacement mortar they choose will be compatible with mortar of your historic home. Choosing an incompatible mortar can cause irreparable damage to the brickwork such as deterioration of the bricks, mortar rot and cracking. Similar problems may occur if an incompatible paint or stucco are applied. At Rainhill Roofing, they prefer using traditional mortar materials such as lime mortar. This allows the historical home to breathe. Other materials might take away from the look and charisma of a historic home. Poor craftsmanship and choosing poor building materials can destroy your historic home. The team at Rainhill Roofing are experts when it comes to dealing with pointing work. When you give them a call, a staff member from their team will visit your home and conduct an overall survey to gauge the nature and severity of the issue. He  will discuss the remedial measures with you accordingly. As soon as you see fit, the pointing work will commence.

If your historic home requires pointing work in Waterloo, consider speaking to Rainhill Roofing. They also specialise in flat roof repairs, roof slates, lead work and guttering. For more information about pointing work, contact Rainhill Roofing.

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