Have Brand New Fascias and Soffits in Skelmersdale

Have brand new fascias and soffits in SkelmersdaleHave brand new fascias and soffits in Skelmersdale fitted to your home. This will not only preserve the integrity of the roof by keeping out the weather but also improve the look and neatness of your home. Fascias can be made of a number of different materials like wood, upvc or metal. This is fitted under the edge of a roof. It sometimes forms the base on which guttering is attached. It protects the roof space from rain and wind and leaves the roof neatly finished. The older type of fascia board is wood. This is sometimes prone to rot after many years of weathering. The newer fascia is made of UPVC which lasts much longer and can handle the rain and sun without rotting.

When your home needs a facelift in Skelmersdale, we have brand new fascias and soffits for you. Soffits are so called from the French and Latin meaning ceiling or fixed beneath. This is what they do. They are placed underneath the overhang of the roof to prevent rain and wind from getting into the roof space. They fit from the wall of the building to the edge of the fascia making a weatherproof construction. The underside of a flight of stairs may have soffits fitted. Roof soffits are normally attached to the rafters with screws or nails. These also come in a variety of materials. Wooden boards even when painted will have to be replaced after a number of years due to wear. The newer plastic boards last longer and are much lighter. Almost every house will need soffits and fascias to protect the inside of the roof.

Have brand new fascias and soffits in Skelmersdale fitted. Contact Rainhill Roofing today and find out how affordable brand new fascias and soffits can be. If you need to replace your existing fascias and soffits it may be easier to use the newer UPVC boards as they will last many years longer than wood.

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