Lead Roofing Enquiry in Halewood

Lead Roofing Enquiry in HalewoodA lead roofing enquiry in Halewood is often for chimney aprons. Chimneys are notorious for leaking and without the proper flashings being fitted can be a nightmare. We have many years of experience in efficiently fitting lead flashing and lead roofs. Climate change is causing more frequent storms of violent proportions and lead is one of the few roof coverings that can cope with excessive water and will even survive some tree branches. It is a wonderful material which is totally recyclable and has a significantly lower carbon footprint than most other hard metal materials. It has been used in construction for hundreds of years and many examples are still functioning as originally intended all those years ago.

When you need a watertight covering on your building in Halewood, lead roofing enquiry will bring up our name as the specialists. We can use lead as a waterproof covering on a flat roof. Lead is considered such a reliable material that churches use it as a preferred roof covering. We deal with all aspects of lead work such as fitting lead to dormer windows to prevent leaks as well as lead capping. We advocate lead flashing on roofs to keep the property as water tight as possible for as long as possible. We have done extensive lead work on both commercial and domestic properties. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to expertly deliver the right solution every time.

Lead roofing enquiry in Halewood can be for an entire flat roof. Contact Rainhill Roofing today and we will visit your premises and offer you a free no obligation quotation. Lead is such a versatile material and is malleable enough to get into all the tiny chinks and cracks to stop water getting through. Lead is not impacted by cold or damp weather and is flexible enough to move with a building without cracking or leaking. Do not wait until you have a leak let us make sure you never get one.

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