Expert Tips from Flat Roof Specialists in Garston

Expert Tips from Flat Roof Specialists in GarstonAccording to Rainhill Roofing, the flat roof specialists in Garston, most people assume that flat roofs are problematic because of their susceptibility to leakage. However this is only the case if poor workmanship or poor maintenance is the case. Flat roofs that are correctly waterproofed and designed do not cause leaks. In fact, the waterproof membrane of a flat roof promotes its longevity by up to 20 years. Unlike pitch roofs, flat roofs are less forgiving if maintenance is ignored.  Many people opt for flat roofs because they are cheaper to construct. Since flat roofs provide more space, many people utilize them as a green roof or a patio. So what do the experienced roofers at Rainhill Roofing recommend when it comes to flat roofs?

The staff at Rainhill Roofing are considered Garston flat roof specialists. They recommend five tips for maintaining the longevity of a flat roof. Firstly, when hiring a roofer ensure that they have sufficient experience, insurance and references before they work on your roof. An engineer should be available to check or inspect their work. Secondly, at the design stage, detailing is very important. The joint between the parapet wall and the flat roof needs special attention. Thirdly, avoid installing internal outlets. If they must be installed, insulate them well to avoid condensation from forming on the pipes and cold bridging. Fourthly, to avoid blockages, install more than one outlet. Leaf guards must be installed in each outlet to prevent blockages from occurring. Lastly, flat roofs require regular maintenance so ensure there is an easy and safe access to the roof. Make sure that fall-arrest systems have been implemented to provide protection for inspectors. Inspections should never occur during poor or extreme weather conditions.

If you are experiencing problems with your flat roof are thinking about installing one, contact the flat roof specialists in Garston today. Rainhill Roofing also specialises in flat to pitch roof conversions and roof repairs.

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