Perk Up Your Home with New Fascias and Soffits in St Helens

Fascias and Soffits in St HelensThere is something about new fascias and soffits in St. Helens’ homes, especially if you are looking for something that adds a bit of oomph to the home. Most people who do not have these elements as part of their home design, fail to see how they are of any kind of benefit to their place of living. Fact is, the fascia and the soffit are integral parts of your home’s roofing structure and without them, you might not have a structurally and aesthetically sound roof. The fascia is basically the board on which the gutter is mounted. It is the board that is located where your roof meets the wall of your house. The soffit is the board that’s under your fascia. It is the one that will be visible if you’re standing on the street and looking up towards the gutter.

For homes in St. Helens, fascias and soffits are quite important and aren’t merely there to support the gutter. Along with becoming the point where the gutter is attached to the home, the fascia is also a support for the lowest tiles – the ones that sit right at the bottom. This is one of the strongest pieces of equipment you might have on the roof and it is vital to have a strong fascia as, during a heavy downpour, several gallons of water can come flowing down those gutters. The soffits are there to provide protection and ventilation to the roof to prevent timber decay as well as formation of condensation on the roof structure.

Over time, fascias and soffits in St. Helens homes, can get damaged or weakened due to years and years of weathering the, well, weather. You may need to keep a close eye on these parts as time goes on, and getting replacements or repairs done, in due time, is vital in maintaining healthy home and a solid roof. If you are worried by the way your fascias and soffits look or are wanting to improve their look, give us a call and we’ll come around for a free survey and quote to handle all your home’s roofing needs.

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